My sleep schedule is completely off! Last night started with my traditional birthday dinner at my parent’s house (I’ll have pics of that up later), and then Fabian (my husband) and I caught a 11:30pm showing of Avatar. In 3D. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to like the movie, as the previews didn’t impress me…but it was AMAZING! Can’t believe I waited this long to see a movie in 3D =) The plot was awesome too. I’m a huge proud nerd lol.

Anyway, I woke up early this afternoon, and was still determined to get my sweat on today. I had planned on running at the gym, but have yet to renew my membership, and figured I would just wing-it with a boot camp style workout a-la Jillian Michaels or something. Enter first obstacle: our apartment. I love it, but we do live on the second level and do have hardwood floors..which do not make for a quiet workout. I try to be a considerate neighbor =) So with no gym, and our apartment ruled out, I was kind of stuck.Then I kept thinking of my to-do list for today. And then, I slowly started coming up with excuses to just pass on a workout today.

Oh how easy that would have been.

But I have a sweat commitment, not to mention, I’m still whittling my middle right? So I decided to drop it low. My workout, that is. I took it to the basement! Luckily, we have one neighbor downstairs and a huge shared basement.

After putting in a load of laundry (on my to-do list for today), I scribbled onto two huge sticky notes, Whittle My Middle included. In addition to what is listed, I did jumping jacks, high knee jumps and walking lunges. I did bring a jump rope down which would have been awesome to use, but sadly the ceiling was too low. However, I did have lots of fun using the timer on the washer for cardio intervals!

As you can see, the set up did look pretty sparse, but I made it fun. I actually felt a little like rocky! I forgot my weights up stairs for the torso twists, but replaced the weight with a bottle of bleach. How’s that for being inventive?

Lunch was a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and tomato sauce over brown rice. Sounds boring, looked messy, but was yummy! Had to clean out the fridge before the grocery shop. I’m postponing today’s grocery shop until tomorrow, because it’s late and I hate shopping for picked-over food. That and I haven’t finished the grocery list.A girl’s gotta eat though!

I’m  off to Trader Joe’s or Whole foods to pick up ingredients for dinner, and then in for the night. Maybe a bubble bath and the BBC’s Hotel Babylon to relax with.